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DPC for Employers

Healthcare costs for employers have risen to an all-time high. While costs, premiums, and deductibles continue to increase, the quality of care for employees has decreased. It’s likely one of the most expensive and frustrating parts of your budget.


We’re here to be a turning point for your business. If you’re a small business owner, you can improve your bottom line by switching from insurance-based healthcare to Direct Primary Care for your employees.


Large employer? Contact us to partner with a local benefits advisor and innovate your employee healthcare coverage.

Check out the video below to learn more about Employer-based Direct Primary Care

A study published in Seattle comparing traditional insurance-based primary care and direct primary care (DPC). In addition to a higher retention rate with happier and healthier employees with DPC memberships, the study showed:

  • 53% decrease in ER visits

  • 16% decrease in in-patient hospital days

  • 58% decrease in higher-cost specialist visits

  • 66% decrease in advanced radiology/imaging

  • 77% decrease in surgeries

The ultimate exchange financially was $2000 per employee per year in health care savings!

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